Best activities to do in Mudgee, Australia

With the pastoral wineries, beautiful streetscapes, hedonic delights and charming boutique shops, you can describe Mudgee as, ‘straight out from the pages of fairytale’. Residing at the banks of rambling river Cudgegong River, Mudgee can do wonders for you if you want to witness the beauty and purity of bon vivant country adventure. There are several traits of this place, which you can savour to brighten up the traveller’s soul, sitting inside you. To guide you with the activities to cherish in Mudgee, we are going to place a list of activities in front of you, which will help you to create the itinerary of this place. And before setting off for the tour, do not forget to buy the necessary goods by using Europcar promo codes. Thus, carry on with your reading to know more about this place.

1. Mudgee VIP Wine Tours

The beauty of the Mudgee wine region has grabbed the attractions of the tourists and travellers for several years. Also, this place is famous for its award-winning wines that suit the palate of every person. Apart from sipping those exquisite wines, you can gorge on some delicious foods that Mudgee has to offer. Every bite of those foods will create a symphony in your mouth, and you will fall in love in love with this place.

2. Southern Cross kayaking

To witness the spectacles of Dunn’s Swamp in the Wollemi National Park, sailing on a stable kayak, get down to the place of Mudgee. The clear and pristine water of the Cudgegong River will take you to the state of trance. Nature here has a rustic charm of its own, which you can cherish while kayaking amidst the stunning formations of rocks, enthralling sandstone gorges and the magnetic woodlands. The water of this place holds the unique beauty of nature. While you are here, you can hire the kayaks, double Kayaks as well as stand-up paddles.

3. Big river drive

To witness the beauty and intensity of nature and to dive deep into the state of amazement, you can opt for big river drive, whenever you are in Mudgee. Mother Nature has blessed this place with rustic beauty. The road of this place travels through the dense woodland, which is an extension of the spring gully drive that starts in the small Wollar town. And if you are lucky enough, there is a possibility that you can come across a red neck wallaby leaping to through the trees or taking a sunbath on the road. And if you are someone, who is attracted to native Australian plants, this place can do wonders for you. Here, you will find countless species of Eucalyptus like Callitris, angophoras and many others.

4. The Mudgee miniature railway

It is one of the surreal experiences, which you will witness in Mudgee. It is a three and a half and a five-inch gauge minuscule version of trains. All kinds of engines like a steam engine, electric powered engine and a petrol engine are used to in these trains. Depending on the weather of the second Sunday of every month, this train conducts its journey. The people, who take the ride of these miniature trains, must wear enclosed shoes for the sake of their safety.  

5. Mudgee Observatory

Another exciting activity, which you can embrace while on Mudgee is a visit to Mudgee observatory. From the last ten years, this observatory is serving the University of NSW, staffs from Sydney observatory as well as the members of Southerland Astronomical society. The general public can also visit this place. There are several things in this observatory, which you can opt for like, it has a theatre, a flat-screen planetarium where you can get a clear view of psychedelic night sky. Also, you can view the sun from this observatory during the day time.

6. Nullo Mountain

To take a dip in the wilderness of nature, you must give a visit to Nullo Mountain if you are in Mudgee. It is a high mountain plateau situated in the north of Dunns Swamp which has some fantastic scenic beauties in its palate. Once you can reach the Nullo Mountain, you will be captivated by the ambience and picturesque landscapes of this place.

You can visit Mudgee if you want to spend a peaceful time, serene and pristine time. You can look up to the above-written places and extract the full out of this trip.